My Story

My BPO Story begins in 2009. My family was in the homebuilding business for about 20 years and after college I had decided to get involved. The financial crisis of 2008 hit the homebuilding industry worse than any other. Our business came to a complete standstill. One day my father called a meeting to tell us that the company would have to file for bankruptcy protection. He had been through several recessions but this, he said, was different. At that moment I knew that life was about to change drastically. I was married and had a two year old son. I would have to figure out a way to support my family…and fast. At the time I had a real estate license and for a while I tried selling real estate. There was one major problem. Nothing was selling.

That was a very stressful time. My wife was worried sick. I was too but tried not to let on. We were going through our savings to pay bills and I hated checking the mail because it was nothing but bill after bill. How was I going to do this? I have always been a positive person so I made up my mind that I was going to figure this out one way or the other. I spent three months getting up at 5 AM every day. I made a list of all the things I needed in my life and did nothing but read that list and brainstorm about what I could do to get my family on the right track.

If you are in a bad situation financially right now you should really start paying attention to my story here. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a spot like this financially but when you have been knocked down like this checking the mail and seeing nothing but bills is a very depressing thing and really makes you feel like you’re getting constantly kicked while you’re down. For this reason, I decided to add one very important item to my list that I read every morning. It read like this: “I love checking the mail every day because there are so many checks being mailed to me”. When I wrote this, I had no idea how this would happen. I had never received checks in the mail in my life so there was no reason it would start now.

I kept reading my list every morning. One day I was at my broker’s office and he came in and asked me if I had ever thought about doing bpos. I had heard of them and knew that it was small amounts of money and nothing you could really make a living from. He gave me a list that had over 400 financial institutions. At this point I had nothing to lose. I signed up for a few companies and sure enough, I got an order via email for $50. I did the order and got my money. I can remember talking with my wife about it in that first week. I could tell she wasn’t too thrilled with $50. I wasn’t either. Sometimes having your back against the wall is the best thing for you. I had never heard of anyone making more than $100 a week doing bpos but again, I had nothing to lose. I took that list and signed up for every single bpo company on it.

When I began to get orders I would have to take my 2 year old with me to take photos because I didn’t want to go through my savings spending money on daycare and I wanted to raise my son myself. I kept a movie player in the car and there were times when he would watch two movies while I took bpo photos. I felt guilty about that sometimes but I was doing what I had to do to take care of my family.

Little by little, I would get emails from new bpo companies. Before long I was making $250 a week. Now I tasted blood in the water and kept looking for more companies to sign up for. Within a few more months I was average $600 a week. Fast forward a year and I was averaging $1200 a week. And guess what, as I sit here today, just about every day when I check the mail there are checks sitting there made out to me. And probably the best part…I have a better relationship with my son than most men do and I did it all doing bpos and continue to do it every day. I hope this story inspires you and let’s you know that you can do it too. I had no special knowledge or training but I stayed with it and it paid off. It will pay off for you too. Read my blog and follow my advice and learn things that I learned the hard way. Good luck!

PS I now average 35 BPOs per week, work with over 50 companies and make close to six figures doing nothing but bpos for a living…and I’m here every day for you to follow and learn.

John Peak
The BPO Expert