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The BPO business and the REO business are linked but there is some confusion as to how.  Most agents believe that BPOs are a way to get REO listings and they can be but not always.  Some BPO companies also assign REO listings but most do not.  In fact, most of the companies that assign most of the bpo volume do not assign REO listings.  The REO portion of their business is separate in most cases.   If you want REO listings it is best to search for companies that tell you up front they assign listings.  There are some companies that say they will give you listings if you do free BPOs for them.  I’ve tried this and it didn’t work for me.  For any of you that are interested in getting REO listings I do know one way to get them that actually works.  Join the REOnetwork.com.  You do have to pay but you will get listings.  For every listing you get you will be added to that asset managers system which can provide you future listings as well.

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