BPOs and Quality Control

If you have done any BPOs you are most likely painfully aware of Quality Control(QC) requests.  After you have completed a BPO you will more likely than not receive and email from the QC department of the company that you completed the order for.  They will give you an itemized list of issues they would like you to address in the BPO you have completed.  It is very important that you log in and go into that BPO’s form and address the list and resubmit the order in a timely manner.  Most companies will rate you not only on your getting the order itself in on time but also getting any QC issues resolved in a reasonable matter of time.  I typically get all my bpo orders in and then go through my inbox at the end of the day and address all outstanding QC issues.  This has worked well for me.  My parting advice is very simple and it’s at the heart of the BPO business…..BE ON TIME!




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