Broker Price Opinion Companies. The 5% Rule.

The BPO business is like any other business.  I call it the 5% rule.  The concept is that in any endeavor in life most of the production and therefore money is being made by the top 5% of producers.  This is how it works in the BPO business too.  Not only are the top 5% of BPO providers doing most of the business but the top 5% of BPO companies are sending out the bulk of the orders.  Your job is to become a top 5% provider.  The first step towards this is to find out which are the top BPO companies in your geography.

The Holiday BPO Gift

The Holidays present a great opportunity for those trying to break into the bpo business.  Building your business from scratch is all about getting your name on BPO paperwork.  All it takes is having your name in front of BPO assignors and asset managers to get more orders.  The Holidays provide you a perfect chance to get a leg up on the preferred vendors who are getting the bulk of the work.  If you are willing to work during the holidays there will be orders that come out that will not be accepted.  It is a natural part of life for those who have been in a place for a long time to get fat and happy.  This goes for an older major league baseball player or a veteran BPO vendor.  It’s all the same cycle of life.  They will lose the aggressiveness they once had.  That is where you come in.  Be ready to pounce during the holiday season.  Take the orders others won’t take.  Work when they won’t work.  I built my business thinking like this and you can too!

Happy Holidays!

The BPO Orders are Flowing Post Election

The order volume had slowed a couple of months prior to the election.  I was pretty sure it was probably tied to the election.  I go my confirmation yesterday afternoon.  I was sitting at my computer and watched over 30 orders come in from just one of my sources.  It’s going to be a busy week.  It’s a great time to be in the BPO business!

BPO Companies That Don’t Pay

I received an email recently asking if I have had experiences with companies that don’t pay for work completed.  In my opinion this is an overblown topic in the industry.  I have worked with over 40 BPO companies in the past and I have only had temporary problems with two.  They are Evaluation Solutions and  This was around a year or two ago for me so I am not saying that they don’t pay on time now.  I have not done business with either one in a while.  Both of them eventually paid me in full.  I’m not sure what their reasons were at the time.  Feel free to email me if you have a question about a certain source of yours.  Have a great weekend.