BPO Company Gift

Let’s start this off right.  One of my favorite BPO companies is Clear Capital.  You can find them at ClearCapital.com.  They have some of the most user friendly BPO forms in the industry.  They currently have a very high volume of work.  I have seen volume go up and down with different firms over the years.  This is typical in the industry but right now Clear Capital is a clear front runner.  You can sign up with Clear Capital here:


Good luck!


You CAN make a living doing Broker Price Opinions

I think it is appropriate that my first blog entry address the number one misunderstanding in the Real Estate industry with regard to BPOs.  Ask any agent and you will hear the same thing.  They are too much work for too little money.  I thank these agents every day because it’s this exact mentality that has allowed me to make thousands of dollars and work from home with little to no competition.  My name is John Peak and I have been make a GREAT living doing only BPOs since 2009.  This is what I do every single day.  Stick around because I’m going to be teaching followers of this blog through video, lessons, webinars, etc.   Be sure to join my mailing list so I can send you freebies and keep you up to date on what’s going on in the industry and what I will be teaching.